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Suppliers Cleaning machines, tools, dustbin, grass cutter and lawn mower

Cleaning machine, cleaning tool, chemical, high pressure washer, dustbin, brush cutter, lawn mower, car washer supplier in Kolkata
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Training on how to sanitize your work place

Jun 13, 2020 – May 20, 2021

We give training on working of various sanitizer machines like battery sprayer, mist blower, knapsack sprayer, battery spray pump, hand sprayer, pressure sprayer. agricultural sprayer, agricultural hand sprayer, mist blower, agricultural power sprayer, inspecticide sprayer, agricultural sprayer p...

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Best battery spray pump battery powered sprayer for sanitization of workplaces and for spraing fertilizer and insecticides on crops and plants.
We offer best 16 L 12 Volt agricultural sprayer and sanitizer machine.
Call today at 9230068081

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Best battery powered knapsack sprayer for spraying disinfectant chemicals to sanitize workplaces and spraing insecticide and fertilizer on plants & crops.
16 L tank & 12 Volt 8 AH battery

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We offer best quality battery powered knapsack sprayer.
Specifications of battery powered knapsack sprayer:
Tank - 16 L
Battery 12 Volt 8 AH
Available mist blower attachment

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NACS Cleantech Pvt Limited importers and suppliers of professional cleaning machine, cleaning tools, industrial cleaning equipment, plastic dustbin, electric lawn mower, petrol brush cutter, grass cutter, grass cutting machine, vacuum cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner, floor cleaning machine, sc...

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We offer high quality germicidal uv lamp for disinfection of large rooms in hotels, hospitals, workshops and offices. Our UV Lamp has 60 watt UVC germicidal light of 254 nano meter wavelength. It can disinfect 160 sq ft of area in just 20 minutes.
It is widely used for sanitization and disinfecti...

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UV wand
UV sanitizing wand
Sanitizing wand
UV light wand
Travel UV sanitizing wand
Ultraviolet wand
UVC light wand
Portable UV light sanitizer
Kitchen Sanitizing Wand
UV Sanitizer Wand
UV wand sanitizer
UV light wand sanitizer
Ultraviolet Wand
UV disinfection wand
We offer high quality UV wand f...

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ULV Fogger
Cold fogger
ULV cold fogger
Cold fogging machine
ULV machine
ULV fogger machine
ULV misting machine
Ultra low volume fogging machine
backpack ulv fogger
ULV fogger insecticide
ULV sprayer
Electric sprayer
Mist sprayer
Chemical sprayer
We offer best quality ultra low volu...

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Agricultural Spray Pump
We have high quality battery operated agricultural spray pump for spraying insecticides and fertilizers on crops and in garden. Our Battery operated agricultural spray pump is 16 L tank capacity and operated by 12 Volt 8 AH battery.
Now a days, it is widely used for saniti...

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Best machine to clean tile floor and grout

  • Single disc machine

  • Mini hand scrubber

  • Tile and grout cleaning machine

  • Electric tile cleaner

  • Tile grout cleaning machine

Vacuum Cleaner

  • Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, backpack vacuum cleaner, wet vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, car vacuum cleaner

    We offer high quality commercial and industrial vacuum cleaner at most reasonable prices.
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    We offer high quality industrial vacuum cleaner powered by heavy duty triple motor of 1000 Watt each. Our industrial vacuum cleaner has high suction power and airflow.
  • commercial vacuum cleaner

  • Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

  • Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • wet vacuum cleaner

  • water vacuum cleaner

  • floor vacuum cleaner

  • portable vacuum cleaner

  • wet and dry vacuum cleaner

  • car vacuum cleaner

  • mini vacuum cleaner

  • small vacuum cleaner

  • hand vacuum cleaner

  • vacuum cleaner for sofa

  • handheld vacuum cleaner

  • handy vacuum cleaner

  • wet dry vacuum cleaner

  • heavy duty vacuum cleaner

  • vacuum cleaner motor

  • portable car vacuum cleaner

  • dry vacuum cleaner

  • heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner

  • outdoor vacuum cleaner

  • industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner

  • water tank vacuum cleaner

Scrubber Drier, Floor Mop Machine, Mopping Machine, Scrubber Dryer, Walk Behind Floor Scrubber, Ride on Scrubber Drier, Mopping Machin

  • Auto Scrubber Drier Floor Cleaning Machine

  • Auto Scrubber Dryer

  • Scrubber Dryer

  • Automatic Floor Mop Machine

  • Scrubber Dryer Machine

  • Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

  • Ride on Scrubber Dryer

  • Auto Scrubber Drier

  • floor scrubber dryer machine

  • automatic scrubber drier machine

  • walk behind scrubber drier

  • automatic scrubber drier

  • mini scrubber dryer

  • scrubber dryer floor cleaner

  • floor washer dryer

  • mopping machine

  • floor mopping machine

  • automatic mopping machine

  • electric mopping machine

  • automatic floor mopping machine

  • wet mopping machine

  • electric floor mopping machine

  • floor pocha machine

  • floor cleaning mop machine

  • house mopping machine

  • industrial mopping machine

  • commercial mop machine

  • sweeping and mopping machine

  • commercial floor mop machine

  • industrial floor mopping machine

  • tile mopping machine

  • wet floor mopping machine

  • automatic wet mopping machine

  • floor washer vacuum

  • spin floor scrubber

  • tile floor mopping machine


Auto scrubber

  • Auto scrubber

  • Automatic scrubber


Auto scrubber Dryer

  • Auto scrubber dryer

  • Auto scrubber dier

  • Scrubber drier

  • Scrubber dryer

  • Walk behind scrubber dryer

  • Automatic scrubber drier machine

Floor cleaning machine

  • Floor cleaning machine

  • Automatic floor cleaning machine

  • Wet floor cleaning machine

  • Electric floor cleaning machine

  • Stone cleaning machine

  • Granite floor cleaning machine

  • Marble floor cleaning machine

  • Industrial floor cleaning machine

  • Farsh cleaner machine

  • Concrete floor cleaner machine

  • House floor cleaning machine

  • Epoxy floor cleaning machine

  • Floor wet cleaning machine

  • Heavy duty floor cleaner

  • Floor wet cleaning machine

  • Warehouse floor cleaning machine

  • Scrubber dryer floor cleaning machine

  • Vinyl floor cleaner machine

  • Single disc floor cleaning machine

  • Factory floor cleaning machine

  • Floor dust cleaning machine

  • Wet and dry floor cleaning machine

  • Small floor cleaner machine

  • Mini floor cleaning machine

Tile cleaning machine

  • Tile cleaning machine

  • Bathroom tile cleaner machine


Floor scrubber

  • Floor scrubber

  • Automatic floor scrubber

  • Commercial floor scrubber

  • Mini floor scrubber

  • Small electric floor scrubber

  • Bathroom floor scrubber

  • Rotary floor machine

  • Small floor scrubber

  • Concrete floor scrubber

Scrubber Drier

  • Scrubber drier

Scrubber machine

  • Scrubber machine

  • Automatic scrubber machine

Mopping machine

  • Mopping machine

  • Floor cleaning mop machine

  • Industrial mopping machine

  • Electric floor mopping machine

  • Factory floor cleaning machine

  • Commercial mop machine

Floor Machine

  • Floor machine

Floor scrubber machine

  • Floor scrubber machine

  • Floor scrubber machine

  • Auto scrubber machine

  • Industrial floor scrubber

  • Tile scrubber machine

  • Walk behind scrubber

  • Mini scrubber machine

  • Bathroom floor scrubber

  • Auto floor scrubber

  • Industrial floor scrubber machine

  • Hand held floor scrubber

Floor washing machine

  • Floor washing machine

Domestic floor cleaning machine

  • Domestic floor cleaning machine

Automatic floor cleaning machine

  • Automatic floor cleaning machine

Floor mopping machine

  • Floor mopping machine

  • Automatic mopping machine

  • Electric mopping machine

  • Wet mopping machine

  • Automatic floor mopping machine

  • commercial floor mop machine

Industrial floor cleaning machine

  • Industrial floor cleaning machine

Floor cleaning machine for home

  • Floor cleaning machine for home

Floor buffing machine

  • Floor buffing machine

  • Tile buffing machine

Floor sweeping machine

  • Floor sweeping machine

  • Industrial floor sweeping machine

  • Automatic floor sweeping machine

Pocha lagane ki machine

  • Pocha lagane ki machine

  • Automatic pocha machine


Industrial floor cleaner

  • Industrial floor cleaner

Marble floor cleaner machine

  • Marble floor cleaning machine

Floor polishing machine

  • Marble floor polishing machine

  • Concrete floor polishing machine

  • Scrubbing and polishing machine

  • Floor polisher

  • Floor polishing machine

  • Floor scrubber polisher

  • Marble shining machine

Single disc scrubber

  • Single disc scrubber

  • Single disc machine

  • Single disc floor scrubbing machine

Walk behind floor scrubber

  • Walk behind floor scrubber


Single disc scrubbing machine

  • Single disc scrubbing machine

  • Single disk scrubbing machine

Ride on Floor Scrubber

  • Ride on floor scrubber

Ride on scrubber

  • Ride on scrubber

  • Ride on scrubber dryer

  • Ride on scrubber machine

Floor waxing machine

  • Single disc machine


Floor wiping machine

  • Vacuum cleaner


Scrubbing machine

  • Floor scrubbing machine

  • Industrial floor scrubbing machine

  • small floor scrubbing machine

  • Handheld scrubbing machine

  • Housekeeping scrubbing machine

Warehouse floor cleaner

  • Warehouse floor cleaner

Floor sweeper

  • Industrial floor sweeper

  • Floor sweeper

  • Ride on floor sweeper

Manual Sweeper

  • Manual sweeper

  • Mechanical sweeper

  • Push sweeper

  • Flipper sweeper

  • Dust sweeper

  • Industrial sweeper

  • Mechanical broom

  • Hand push sweeper

  • Mini sweeper

  • Manual floor sweeper

  • Mechanical broom sweeper

  • Manual road sweeper

  • Hand propelled sweeper

  • Push floor sweeper

  • Walk behind floor sweeper

  • sweeping machine for road

  • Outdoor sweeper

  • Broom sweeper

Road sweeping machine

  • Road sweeping machine

  • Sweeping machine

  • Road sweeper

  • Sweeper

  • Sweeping machine

  • Road cleaning machine

  • Industrial sweeping machine

  • Roto sweep

  • Mechanical road sweeper

  • Electric road sweeper

  • Mini road sweeper

  • Mechanical road sweeping machine

Street Sweeper

  • Street sweeper

  • Dust cleaning sweeper

  • Electric sweeper

  • Street sweeper machine

  • Street cleaning machine

Sweeping machine

  • Sweeping machine

  • Floor sweeping machine

  • Automatic sweeping machine

  • Electric sweeping machine

  • Sweeping and mopping machine

  • Automatic floor sweeping machine

Vacuum Sweeper

  • Vacuum Sweeper

  • Sweeper vacuum

  • Warehouse floor sweeper

  • Cordless sweeper vacuum

  • Hand push automatic sweeper

  • Sweeper vacuum cleaner

  • Vacuum sweeping machine

  • Floor and carpet sweeper

  • Rechargeable floor sweeper

Industrial floor sweeper

  • Industrial floor sweeper

Ride on sweeper machine

  • Ride on sweeper machine

  • Ride on road sweeper

  • Warehouse sweeper

  • Ride on floor sweeper

  • Battery operated sweeper

Carpet sweeper

  • Carpet sweeper

Sweeper truck

  • Street sweeper truck

  • Road sweeper truck

  • Truck mounted sweeper

  • Street cleaner truck

  • Vacuum sweeper truck

  • Small street sweeper

  • Parking lot sweeper

  • Vacuum road sweeper truck

  • Street vacuum truck

  • Truck mounted street sweeper

  • Runway sweeper truck

  • Mini sweeper truck

  • Street sweeper vacuum truck

Sofa Cleaning Machine

  • Sofa cleaning machine

  • Sofa cleaner

  • Stain remover

  • Spot remover

  • Sofa cleaning chemical

  • Sofa cleaning shampoo

Upholstery cleaner

  • Upholstery cleaning machine

  • Upholstery cleaner

  • Leather upholstery cleaner

  • Furniture upholstery cleaner

  • Fabric couch cleaner

  • Upholstery steam cleaner

  • Seat cleaning machine

  • Fabric furniture cleaner

  • Upholstery cleaner for couch

  • Upholstery shampoo machine

  • Sofa carpet cleaner

  • Fabric sofa cleaner

  • Commercial upholstery cleaner

  • Commercial upholstery cleaning machine

  • Fabric sofa cleaning machine

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning machine

  • rug and upholstery cleaner

  • industrial upholstery cleaner

Car wash machine

  • car wash machine

  • car pressure washer

  • foam car wash

  • portable car washer

  • steam car wash

  • high pressure car washer

  • mini car wash pump

  • car cleaning machine

  • car power washer

  • jet car wash

  • car washing machine for home use

  • steam car wash machine

  • high pressure car wash machine

  • electric car washer

  • water jet car wash

  • home car wash machine

  • vehicle washing pump

  • car wash foam shampoo

  • car wash jet pump

  • car washer power washer

  • mobile car wash machine

  • vehicle washing machine

  • portable steam car wash machine

Car wash tool

  • Car wash tool

  • car cleaning brush

  • car wash brush

  • car brush

  • car wiper water

  • car cleaning tools

  • foam washer

  • car water wash machine

  • car foam wash

  • foam wash machine

  • car wash tool kit

  • microfiber car wash brush

Car wash equipment

  • Car wash equipment

  • car wash business equipment

  • car wash with vacuum

  • car wash machine

  • car cleaning equipment

  • car wash equipment

  • commercial car wash equipment

  • car pressure cleaner

  • portable car pressure washer

car washing machine for business

  • car washing machine

  • steam car wash machine

  • portable car washing machine

  • portable car washing pump

  • car wash pressure washer

  • car wash foam machine

  • snow foam car wash

  • car wash pressure machine

  • high pressure car washer for service station

  • commercial car washing machine

  • steam car wash machine

  • tractor wash

  • snow car wash

  • heavy duty car washer

  • car wash with shampoo machine

  • high pressure car cleaner

foam car wash equipment

  • foam car wash equipment

  • car shampoo

  • snow foam wash

  • foam cannon shampoo

  • foam cannon

  • foam cannon car wash

  • car wash with foam cannon

  • ice snow foam wash

  • snow car wash

  • snow foam car wash

  • Foam tank for car wash

  • Car wash foam tank

car wash tools and equipment

  • car wash tools and equipment

car upholstery cleaner

  • car upholstery cleaner

  • car seat cleaner

  • leather seat cleaner

  • car seat cleaner machine

  • car upholstery cleaner machine

  • cleaning cloth car seats

  • best stain remover for car upholstery

  • car seat upholstery cleaner

  • car upholstery steam cleaner

  • car upholstery shampooer

  • car cushion cleaning

  • car upholstery stain remover

  • vehicle upholstery cleaner

  • car interior upholstery cleaner

  • vehicle seat cleaner

  • car leather upholstery cleaner

  • car carpet and upholstery cleaner

  • car fabric upholstery cleaner

  • car wash with upholstery cleaner

  • steam cleaning machine for car interior

  • mobile car upholstery cleaning

High pressure washer

  • electric pressure washer

  • water jet cleaner

  • water jet cleaning machine

  • jet wash

  • hydro jet power washer

  • hydro jet high pressure power washer

  • high pressure cleaner

  • high pressure water jet cleaner

  • high pressure power washer

  • hydro jetting machine

  • power jet washer

  • electric power washer

  • high pressure water jet cleaner

  • high pressure jet washer

  • high pressure water jet cleaning machine

  • industrial high pressure washer

  • high pressure water cleaner

  • electric car washer

  • power washer

  • 2000 psi pressure washer

  • portable high pressure washer

  • high pressure jet cleaner

  • high pressure jet pump for cleaning

  • electric high pressure washer

  • jet cleaning machine

  • high jet pressure machine

  • turbo jet power washer

  • hydro jet washer

  • high pressure water washer

  • high pressure water jet cleaning machine

  • power jet power washer

  • hydro jet high pressure washer

  • portable jet wash

  • water jet washer

  • jet cleaner high pressure

  • hydro power jet washer

  • 120 bar pressure washer

  • high pressure jet cleaning machine

  • electric hot water pressure washer

  • jet cleaner high pressure cleaner

  • hot water high pressure cleaner

  • electric pressure washer pump

  • water jet washing machine

  • hydro jet cleaning machine

  • water jet pressure washer

  • industrial electric pressure washer

  • high pressure jet cleaning machine

  • high power washer

  • commercial high pressure washer

  • cold water high pressure cleaner

Lawn Mower

  • Lawn mower

  • Electric lawn mower

  • Petrol lawn mower

  • Petrol lawnmower

  • Honda lawn mower

  • lawn mower machine

  • self propelled lawn mower

  • grass mower

  • lawn cutting machine

  • riding mower

  • lawn cutter

  • push mower

  • manual lawn mower

  • lawn grass cutter

  • small lawn mower

  • electric mower

  • hand lawn mower

  • honda mowers

  • rotary lawn mower

  • commercial lawn mower

  • mini lawn mower

  • self propelled mower

  • corded electric lawn mower

  • cordless lawn mower

  • heavy duty lawn mower

  • hand mower

  • power lawn mower

  • lawn mower with roller

  • honda petrol lawnmower

  • hand push lawn mower

  • small electric lawn mower

  • petrol mower

  • hand held lawn mower

Grass Cutter Machine

  • Grass cutter machine

  • grass cutter petrol machine

  • grass katne ki machine

  • grass cutter low price

  • grass cutter lowest price

  • grass cutter for dairy farm

  • reaper grass cutter

  • garden grass cutter

  • motorised grass cutter

  • Honda grass cutter

  • petrol grass cutter

  • four stroke grass cutter

  • two stroke grass cutter

  • village grass cutter machine

  • GX 35 grass cutter machine

  • honda gx35 grass cutter

  • honda weed cutter

Grass cutting machine

  • Grass cutting machine

  • petrol grass cutting machine

  • agriculture grass cutting machine

  • grass cutting machine honda company

  • grass cutting machine for home

  • honda 4 stroke grass cutting machine

  • field grass cutting machine

  • motorised grass cutting machine

  • paddy grass cutting machine

  • grass cutting petrol machine

  • grass cutting machine heavy duty

  • brush grass cutting machine

  • cutting machine for grass

  • low cost grass cutting machine

  • dairy grass cutting machine

  • tall grass cutting machine

  • wheat grass cutting machine

  • grass cutting machine for agriculture

  • petrol grass cutting machine

  • honda grass cutting machine

  • four stroke grass cutting machine

  • two stroke grass cutting machine

  • GX 35 grass cutting machine

Brush cutter

  • Brush cutter

  • power grass cutter

  • brush cutter 2 stroke

  • 4 stroke brush cutter

  • brush cutter low price

  • brush cutter nylon rope

  • trimmer grass cutter

  • honda gx35 brush cutter

  • professional brush cutter

  • four stroke brush cutter

  • honda gx35 backpack brush cutter

  • brash katar

  • petrol brush cutter

  • shoulder brush cutter


  • chainsaw

  • petrol chainsaw

  • chain saw

  • tree cutter

  • wood cutter


  • Dustbin

  • plastic dustbin

  • nilkamal dustbin

  • kitchen dustbin

  • green dustbin

  • small dustbin

  • green and blue dustbin

  • big dustbin

  • blue dustbin

  • industrial dustbin

  • aristo dustbin

  • sintex dustbin

  • red dustbin

  • dustbin with lid

  • wet and dry dustbin for home

  • big dustbin for apartment

  • office dustbin

  • hospital dustbin

  • black dustbin

  • yellow dustbin

  • bathroom dustbin

  • biodegradable dustbin

  • dustbin stand

  • dustbin with wheels

  • biomedical waste dustbin

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  • big dustbin online

  • dustbin for home

  • swing dustbin

  • room dustbin

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  • outdoor dustbins

  • dry and wet dustbin

  • commercial dustbin

  • waste dustbin

  • nilkamal dustbin 120 ltr

  • bio waste dustbin

  • nilkamal dustbin 80 ltr

  • garden dustbin

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  • blue green dustbin

  • nilkamal dustbin 240 ltr

  • nilkamal dustbin 60 ltr

  • white dustbin

  • neelkamal dustbin

  • wet waste dustbin

  • plastic dustbin with lid

  • wet dustbin

  • nilkamal dustbin 100 ltr price

  • dustbin blue and green

  • dustbin 120 liter

  • nilkamal dustbin 240 ltr price

  • public dustbin

  • dustbin 100 ltr

  • toilet dustbin

  • biomedical dustbin

  • paddle dustbin

  • blue dustbin and green dustbin

  • 50 litre dustbin

  • nilkamal 120 ltr dustbin

  • dustbin green and blue

  • wet dry dustbin

  • plastic pedal dustbin

  • non biodegradable dustbin

  • small plastic dustbin

  • municipality dustbin

  • dustbin for school

  • twin bin dustbin

  • heavy duty dustbin

  • nilkamal dustbin 10 ltr

  • cheap dustbin

  • dustbin 60 ltr

  • lid dustbin

  • small dustbin with lid

  • waste management dustbin

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  • 80 litre dustbin

  • small dustbin for bathroom

  • dustbin wet and dry

  • stylish dustbin

  • nilkamal dustbin

  • 240 ltr dustbin

  • wheel dustbin

  • 1100 ltr dustbin

  • big dustbin with wheels

  • large dustbin with wheels

  • nilkamal dustbin 1100 ltr price

  • dustbin 120 ltr

  • nilkamal dustbin 660 ltr

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  • dustbin 1100 ltr

  • dustbin 660 ltr

  • 2 wheeled dustbin

  • 240l wheelie bin

  • wheel bin

  • 240 litre bin

  • 240 litre wheelie bin

  • black wheelie bin

  • green wheelie bin

  • 660 litre wheelie bin

  • small wheelie bin

  • 240l bin

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  • 660l wheelie bin

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  • 240l garbage bin

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Garbage bin

  • garbage bin

  • waste bin

  • waste segregation bins

  • garbage containers

  • garbage dustbin

  • kitchen waste bins

  • kitchen waste bins

  • biomedical waste dustbin

  • garbage bin with wheels

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  • commercial recycling containers

Microfiber cloth

  • microfiber cloth

  • cleaning cloth

  • dusting cloth

  • duster

  • car cleaning cloth

  • microfiber cleaning cloth

  • glasses cleaning cloth

  • 3m microfiber cloth

  • car towel

  • window cloth

  • kitchen cleaning cloth

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  • car drying towel

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Soap Dispenser

  • soap dispenser

  • hand wash dispenser

  • liquid soap dispenser

  • automatic soap dispenser

  • wall mounted soap dispenser

  • bathroom soap dispenser

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Tissue paper dispenser

  • tissue paper dispenser

  • tissue dispenser

  • toilet paper dispenser

  • toilet roll dispenser

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shoe shine machine, shoe polish machine, shoe cleaning machine, shoe sole cleaning machine

  • shoe shine machine

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a year ago
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Great products and very good after sales service. They have huge range of cleaning machinery, tools, chemicals and dustbin. I bought many products from them and we are very happy.
- Sanjeev S

Cleaning Reinvented with Economy

Established in 2009, New Age Cleaning Solutions, Kolkata is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. We are engaged in supply of professional cleaning machines, housekeeping tools, cleaning chemicals, dustbins, grass cutting machine & lawn mower. Our main products are vacuum cleaner, single disc machine, auto scrubber drier, floor scrubber, floor polishing machine, high pressure washer, car washer, car wash equipment, car cleaning equipment, sofa cleaning machine, upholstery cleaning machine, carpet cleaning machine, grass cutter, grass cutting machine, brush cutter, lawn mower, paddy reaper, crop cutter, cleaning tools, cleaning machinery, industrial cleaning machinery, floor cleaning machines, mop, wet mop, floor wiper, glass wiper, squeegee, mop bucket, mop wringer trolley, mop bucket, car wash tools, car wash foam tank, chainsaw, floor cleaning brush, floor squeegee, glass cleaning kit, high pressure cleaner, high pressure water jet cleaner, jet washer, power washer, high pressure cleaner, high pressure cleaning machine, car polisher, dustbin, plastic dustbin, stainless steel dustbin, bio medical dustbin, hospital dustbin, pedal bin, pedal dustbin, swing bin, swing dustbin, swing lid dustbin, 100 litre dustbin, 60 litre dustbin, wheeled dustbin, waste container, garbage bin, rubbish bin, railway coach cleaning machines, cleaning machines for hospitals, cleaning machines for warehouse, cleaning machines for mall, cleaning machine for airport, cleaning tool, cleaning equipment, cleaning aid, toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner, wet dry vacuum cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner, microfiber cleaning cloth, wiper, telescopic pole, cobweb brush, steam cleaning machine, steam cleaner, soap dispenser, liquid soap dispenser, tissue paper dispenser, toilet paper dispenser, hair drier, hair dryer, hand drier, hand dryer, auto scrubber dryer, scrubber drier, brush cutter, crop cutter, paddy reaper, harvester.
We offer high quality Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaner in India. Our Industrial Vacuum Cleaner are widely used across various industries, workshops, factories, railways, airports, various institutions, hotels, malls, hospitals, corporates for tough cleaning jobs. Our Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are available at the most affordable prices.
We offer commercial vacuum cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner, backpack vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, wet vacuum cleaner, water vacuum cleaner, floor vacuum cleaner, portable vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner,water vacuum cleaner,wet and dry vacuum cleaner,wet and dry vacuum cleaner,wet vacuum cleaner,car vacuum cleaner, mini vacuum cleaner, small vacuum cleaner, portable vacuum cleaner, hand vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner for sofa, commercial vacuum cleaner, handheld vacuum cleaner, handy vacuum cleaner, wet dry vacuum cleaner, heavy duty vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner motor, portable car vacuum cleaner, dry vacuum cleaner, heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner, outdoor vacuum cleaner, industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner and water tank vacuum cleaner.
We offer offer high quality Auto Scrubber Drier Floor Cleaning Machine, Auto Scrubber Dryer, scrubber dryer, Automatic Floor Mop Machine, scrubber dryer machine, walk behind scrubber dryer, ride on scrubber dryer, auto scrubber drier, floor scrubber dryer machine, automatic scrubber drier machine, walk behind scrubber drier, auto scrubber dryer, automatic scrubber drier, mini scrubber dryer, scrubber dryer floor cleaner, floor washer dryer, mopping machine, floor mopping machine, automatic mopping machine, electric mopping machine, automatic floor mopping machine, wet mopping machine, electric floor mopping machine, floor pocha machine, floor cleaning mop machine, house mopping machine, industrial mopping machine, commercial mop machine, sweeping and mopping machine, commercial floor mop machine, industrial floor mopping machine, tile mopping machine, wet floor mopping machine, automatic wet mopping machine, floor washer vacuum, floor washer vacuum, spin floor scrubber, tile floor mopping machine.
We are are pioneer suppliers of high quality single disc floor scrubber and polishing machine and polishing pads. We also offer best quality mini hand scrubber, single disc floor scrubber, single disc floor polisher, single disc machine, floor polisher pad, marble polishing pad, floor buffer pad, polisging pad, 3M polishing pad, NACS polishing pad, floor buffing pad, tile scrubber machine, scrubber polisher, electric floor scrubbing machine, scrubbing brush, scrubber polisher machine, hand scrubber machine, small scrubber machine, mini scrubber, housekeeping scrubbing machine, cleaning scrubber machine, scrubbing and polishing machine, small floor cleaner machine, mini electric floor scrubber, hand held scrubbing machine, hand floor scrubber, small floor scrubbing machine, mini scrubber machine, commercial floor scrubber, mini hand scrubber machine, single disk scrubbing machine, mini floor scrubber, tile floor scrubber machine, scrubbing machine, floor scrubbing machine, small electric floor scrubber, single disc machine, wall scrubbing machine, electric floor scrubber, tile floor scrubber, industrial floor scrubber, single disk machine, scrubber machine, floor scrubber machine, single disc floor polishing machine, single disc floor scrubber, floor washer.
We offer portable car washer, car pressure washer, foam car wash, steam car wash, jet car wash, car wash pressure washer, car power washer, snow foam car wash, electric car washer, foam washer, portable car washer, mini car washer, mini pressure washer, car foam wash liquid, car foam wash, car wash foam shampoo, under car washer, car foam wash liquid, steam car washer, steam jet car wash, under chassis wash, car cleaning pressure washer, car window washer, snow foam wash, car cleaning machine, steam car wash machine, car seat cleaner machine, car interior cleaner machine, car shampoo machine, car upholstery cleaner machine, car wash with shampoo machine, portable car pressure washer, car carpet cleaner machine, steam cleaning machine for cars, car dry cleaning machine, car foam wash machine, vehicle cleaning machine, foam washing machine for cars, steam pressure washer for cars, car carpet steam cleaner, commercial steam car wash machine, waterjet car washing machine, car dry wash machine, steam car wash equipment, car seat shampoo machine, car cleaning equipment, steam car wash machine, car interior washing machine, steam jet car wash, heavy duty car wash pressure washer, car upholstery steam cleaner, car interior cleaning equipment, portable car cleaning machine, car upholstery cleaner machine, car carpet cleaner machine, high pressure vehicle washing machine, water jet machine for car wash, jet car wash machine, shampoo car machine, high pressure car cleaning machine, steam jet car wash machine, car wash carpet shampoo machine, hot water car wash machine, car cleaning cloth, microfiber cloth, car wiper, car glass cleaner, wiper, car shampoo and all type of car cleaning tools.  
We offer you complete range of High Pressure Washer, High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner, High Pressure Cleaner, High Pressure Power Washer, High Pressure Jet Washer, Industrial High Pressure Washer, High Pressure jet Cleaner, Portable High Pressure Washer, Electric Power Washer, Electric Pressure Washer, high pressure water washer, water jet power washer, commercial high pressure washer, industrial high pressure cleaners, hot water high pressure cleaner, high pressure floor cleaner, hot water high pressure washer, gasoline high pressure washer, high pressure steam washer, cold water high pressure cleaner, jet pressure cleaner, ultra high pressure washer, high pressure floor washer, nacs high pressure washer, heavy duty high pressure washer, high power jet wash, high power water cleaner, pressure jet cleaner, commercial high pressure cleaner, compact high pressure washer, mobile high pressure washer, wall mounted high pressure washer, high pressure rotary cleaner, domestic high pressure water cleaners, cold water high pressure jet cleaner, high volume pressure washer, high power water blaster, best high pressure cleaner for home use, high power electric power washer, high flow electric pressure washer, mobile high pressure cleaner, high pressure patio cleaner. 
We offer high quality grass cutting machine, grass trimmer, paddy reaper, wheat cutter, rice cutting machine, wheat cutting machine, paddy cutting machine, honda brush cutter, brush cutter, honda grass cutter, brush cutter machine, paddy cutter, crop cutting machine, honda grass cutting machine, grass cutter, ghas katne ki machine, ghas cutter machine, jungle cutting machine, bush cutting machine, petrol brush cutter, backpack brush cutter, grass trimmer machine, garden grass cutting machine, rice reaper, garden grass cutter, agricultural rice cutter machine, 4 stroke brush cutter, 2 stroke brush cutter, honda grass cutter 4 stroke, petrol grass cutter, honda grass cutting machine, wheat crop cutting machine, heavy duty brush cutter, rice crop cutting machine, honda 4 stroke brush cutter, portable grass cutter, paddy rice cutter, grass cutter wire, soyabean cutting machine, ghas cutter, brush cutter wire, honda grass trimmer, 4 stroke grass cutter, grass trimmer, gasoline brush cutter, honda backpack brush cutter, petrol grass trimmer, hand held brush cutter. 

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